Springtime Fresh

Spring arrives in a burst of colour throughout Route 97. Valleys, alpine meadows, orchards, farms, ranchlands, valleys and mountains come alive as wildlife emerges and the smell of blossoms fills the air. Hike our historic rail trails, experience our First Nations first hand, get in a round of golf, take in a wine festival and then let yourself succumb to the lure of our local flavours.

Rail Trails

Rail trails are a great way to experience the wildlife and the communities throughout Route 97. Walk the trails where great steam engines once travelled on the Great Northern Railway in WA. In BC, experience the wilds as you traverse the Kettle Valley Rail Trail (KVR), part of the Trans Canada Trail. Be sure to dress in layers and consult with the locals before you head out.

Local Flavours

Sniff, sip, munch and savour the local flavours that Route 97 has to offer this spring. Our food and drink are served up with warm hospitality and local pride. Farmers, orchardists, chefs, winemakers, distillers, and mead and cider makers join together to create a full culinary experience for your Route 97 road trip. Foods range from fusion to full on authentic and everything in between. Try the bratwurst in a Bavarian village or the Bannock at a local café. Our wines, ales, meads, ciders and liquor have garnered world-wide acclaim. Now is the time for you to taste the local flavours throughout Route 97.

First Nations

Enhance your travel experience by immersing yourself in the rich history and culture of our indigenous people. Explore the landmarks and traditional ways of life of the Interior Salish against the staggering backdrop of our region.


Tee off on the edge of a desert, besides a river or deep in the heart of ranch country. Earn yourself a birdie as eagles soar high above. Championship 18-hole courses and fun 9-hole courses await on both sides of the border. Don’t forget the 19th hole where you can relax, take in the spectacular views, eat great food and enjoy live music. Come and explore the golf trail throughout Route 97.

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