Crossing Between Our Countries

Border Crossing Info

Oroville/Osoyoos Border Crossing

The 49th parallel represents the world’s largest unprotected border separating two countries. Osoyoos, BC is where you’ll cross Route 97 to the USA. The border crossing from the United States to Canada is at Oroville, WA.  Both the Canadian and American border crossings are manned 24 hours a day. A valid passport or an enhanced driver’s license from BC or WA will grant you access to both countries.

Best Times to Cross

Friday and Saturday afternoons and holiday weekends are the busiest times to cross. Plan your trip accordingly. The northbound Canadian crossing has one lane open most days. During peak season travel times, that increases to two and sometimes three lanes. The southbound US crossing has three multi-purpose lanes, including one truck lane.

Customs and Duty-Free

You must verbally declare your valuables with Customs authorities before entering Canada and the US. Cash, in excess of $10,000, must be declared. Those traveling into the US can shop duty-free in Osoyoos, BC. Northbound travelers are invited to shop the duty-free shop in Oroville, WA.

Arriving by Air

Many travelers fly into our area and then rent an RV or vehicle to explore Route 97 and beyond. When arriving in Canada from the USA by air, you must fill out the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) Declaration Card. Travelers entering the USA from Canada by air must also fill out a US Customs and Border Protection Declaration Form

Rules of the Road

Northbound travelers should be aware the speed limits and distance markers are stated in kilometres in Canada. Southbound travelers will note the US uses miles to mark both speed and distance..

Visitor Centres

Both Oroville, WA and Osoyoos, BC feature visitor centres just across the border — pop in once you’ve made your border crossing. They’ll be happy to assist you with directions, suggestions on what to see and do, or help you plan your trip down Route 97 and beyond.

For more border crossing information visit: Oroville/Osoyoos Border Crossing.