Destination Osoyoos, South Okanagan, BC

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Our Story

Take a turn off of Highway 97 and you’ll find Osoyoos, the hidden gem of the Okanagan.

There’s more to Osoyoos than just bright skies and wineries set against gentle sloping hills. While we embrace and proudly showcase our vintner industry we also have sophisticated resorts, championship golf courses, the nation’s warmest lake, and a wide range of cultural, intellectual and artistic experiences.

We’re a place where First Nations culture and contemporary lifestyles exist side by side and where our ancient traditions and modern life have each carved out their place within a dramatic and welcoming environment. Framed by desert hills, lakes, vineyards and orchards, we are the ultimate year-round desert destination with a climate that will allow you to luxuriate in our unique surroundings, taste our delicious fresh fruit and drink our award-winning wines directly at their source.

We are set on a vast and rugged landscape of hills and grasslands that invite hiking, mountain biking and wildlife viewing within easy access to the city. Osoyoos Lake is easily accessed from downtown for fishing, sightseeing or water activities.

Visit Osoyoos and experience it all for yourself. You’ll be glad you did.

What's Happening

Visitor Centres
Contact and Location
9912 British Columbia 3 Osoyoos British Columbia V0H 1V2 CA
RV Facilities


  • Waltons Lakefront RV Resort
  • swiws Provincial Park (Haynes Point)
  • Osoyoos RV Campground & Waterslides
  • NK’MIP Campground & R.V. Park
  • Island View RV Resort
  • Cabana Beach

Top 10

Destination Osoyoos

1) Osoyoos Fireworks –
2) Indian Grove Riding Stables
3) Desert Cultural Centre
4) Osoyoos Golf Club –
5) Spotted Lake –
6) Electric Bike Wine Tours –
7) Oliver/Osoyoos Wineries & Wine Tours –
8) Water Sports – SUP/Boat Tours/Kayaking/etc. –
9) Spirit Beach Cantina –
10) Tumbleweed Spirits: Opening Spring 2017 – The first Distillery in Osoyoos featuring craft Spirits made locally.