Northern Okanogan, Okanogan County, WA

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Our Story

Welcome to the Northern Okanogan. Head any direction from Oroville, WA at Route 97 and you’ll find yourself in paradise. Where Washington’s Okanogan Valley ends, Canada’s Okanagan Valley begins. The international border is just four miles north of Oroville. Bring your passport.

Roads less traveled
Motorcyclists travel here to avoid the crowded roads elsewhere and to enjoy curves and pristine scenery. Okanogan mountain bicycling is blissful for the same reasons. Though shoulders are narrow in spots, the unpopulated roads and plentiful shoreline camp sites make for a memorable experience. To see the most scenic of our roads click here.

 Many miles of trails
Here you’ll find the 7-mile Similkameen Trail west of Oroville and a segment of the Pacific Northwest Trail extending from Hwy 20 past Lake Bonaparte to the Whistler Canyon trailhead south of Oroville as well as a piece of the Pacific Crest Trail.

 The Sporting Life
We welcome sports enthusiasts year-round. Oroville is just north of the Similkameen and Okanogan river confluence with lakes on all sides where visitors enjoy water skiing, jet-skiing, fishing, kayaking or just paddling around. Hunters flock here in the fall. Snowmobiling, cross-country skiing and a family-size downhill ski hill are popular winter pastimes. Golfers enjoy Oroville’s beautiful 9-hole course plus 18-hole courses in British Columbia a few miles away.

From sea level to the highlands, groups of eager, quiet visitors may be found huddled behind binoculars and mammoth camera lenses seeking birds, common and rare. Bighorn sheep, mule and white-tailed deer are plentiful. Elk or an elusive moose, bear or cougar may be seen.

History buffs find much to discover here including ghost towns and tiny hill town cemeteries. Many homesteading structures still stand, preserved by the region’s dry climate. The gold rush ended before prospectors found it all, so give panning a try.

Family Fun
For a memory-filled family vacation, enjoy our lakes to swim and boat, rivers to fish, horses to ride, rodeos, ghost towns to explore and an abundance of camping areas, kids of all ages love Northern Okanogan family vacations.

Wineries and Micro Breweries
The Northern Okanogan is becoming increasingly popular with foodies. Between Omak and Oroville, you’ll find four Okanogan wineries and across the border dozens more, some with restaurants and lodgings. Oroville is also home to one of Washington’s oldest craft breweries.

Our Growing Region

We produce a profusion of crops and livestock, including 11 apple varieties and 20 different cherries, 10 types of pears, lots of peaches and more. Over 100 organically-grown garlic species are cultivated here, making our region the Napa Valley of specialty garlic.

What's Happening

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Visitor Centres

1320 Main Street
Oroville, Washington 98844

Phone Number: 509-476-2739
Toll Free Number: 888-699-5659

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1320 Main Street Oroville Washington 98844 US
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