Road Tripping on Route 97

Explore Route 97 and all it has to offer. Prepare yourself for epic road trip memories where you’ll find adventures to feed your curiosity about this great land. Stunning scenery, abundant wildlife, tasty treats and great people are all waiting for you.

Let your curiosity roam free as you discover a road trip that’s just right for you. Travel the highways and connect to the people and places that lie just around the corner. Explore the Columbia Cascades of Route 97 with a 705 km (438 mi) long corridor from the junction of I-90 and US 97 at Ellensburg, WA to Cache Creek, BC where Hwy 97C reconnects to Hwy 97 North and onward to Alaska via the Gold Rush Trail. Venture off on the hundreds of side routes and loops that will take you deep into the heart of the Columbia Cascades and beyond.

Columbia Cascades Corridor Canada and USA

Road Trips Interior Cascades Corridor

Thompson Okanagan ROAD TRIPS Canada

The road trips on the Canadian side of Route 97 are filled with natural marvels. Enjoy warm lakes of the bluest blue, mountains with champagne powder, arid land with hoodoos, Canada’s only desert, and an abundance of agriculture and homegrown goodness. Celebrations of food, art, and music are held throughout the year. There are the cultural attractions and luxury of our larger cities plus the cozy down home feel of our smaller towns. We know you’re going to love it here.

North Central Washington ROAD TRIPS USA

The road trips on the US side of Route 97 offer a variety of geographical wonders. Vast ice age flood plains, gigantic waterless waterfalls, ranch land, massive dams, orchards, vineyards, lakes, and mountains make up this diverse area. Themed towns welcome you to their unique charm while others hold the promise of big experiences. There are fishing derbies, festivals and events, cowboys and plenty of arts and culture to keep you busy throughout your visit.