Fly / Drive

Fly / Drive
Fly here, drive here or drive once you fly here! Route 97 is easily accessible from major highways and is serviced by several regional and international airports along the route.

By Air

You can arrive here from the north, south, east or west. Choose your starting point and you are on your way to a Route 97 adventure.


Fly directly to Route 97 to one of our airports. The Kamloops Regional airport is at the northern end of Route 97 in the Thompson Valley in BC. The Kelowna International airport is in the heart of the central Okanagan. There’s also the Penticton Regional airport in the South Okanagan.

You can also fly into Vancouver, BC, or fly to Calgary or Edmonton, AB, and rent a vehicle from there.


The Pangborn Memorial airport serves Douglas, Chelan and Okanogan Counties in WA. You can also fly into Spokane or Seattle and rent a vehicle from there.

Driving times from International Airports

Vancouver, BC to Kamloops, BC 355 km (220 mi) 4 hours
Vancouver, BC to Kelowna, BC 390 km (242 mi) 3.5 hours
Vancouver, BC to Osoyoos, BC 398 km (247 mi) 4.5 hours
Calgary, AB to Kamloops, BC 675 km (421 mi) 8 hours
Calgary, AB to Kelowna, BC 604 km (375 mi) 7 hours
Calgary, AB to Osoyoos, BC 728 km (452 mi) 8.5 hours
Edmonton, AB to Kamloops, BC 805 km (500 mi) 8.5 hours
Edmonton, AB to Kelowna, BC 891 km (553 mi) 9.5 hours
Edmonton, AB to Osoyoos, BC 1014 km (630 mi) 11 hours
Seattle, WA to Oroville, WA 440 km (273 mi) 5 hours
Seattle, WA to Wenatchee, WA 238 km (148 mi) 2.6 hours
Spokane, WA to Oroville, WA 290 km (180 mi) 3.5 hours
Spokane, WA to Wenatchee, WA 274 km (170 mi) 2.75 hours

Driving Route 97By Vehicle

There are many roads that lead to Route 97. Whichever one you choose; you are sure to find an abundance of unique and breathtaking vistas along the way. There are 12 loops and the main corridor for you to choose from for your road trip adventure.


From Vancouver, enjoy a road trip through the mountains on the Trans Canada Hwy. Along the way you’ll have three choices: take Hwy 3 through Princeton, or Hwy 5 to Merritt where you ‘ll connect with Hwy 97. You can also keep going until you reach Kamloops where you’ll can pop over to 97 and continue your adventure.

From Edmonton, you can take Hwy 16 to Hwy 5 to Hwy 97. The Trans Canada Highway will take you to Hwy. 97 from Calgary. Or head south on Hwy 2 from Calgary, and connect to Hwy 3 West which intersects with Hwy. 97 at Osoyoos, near the Canadian/USA border.


From Seattle, you have several great ways to get to Route 97. US Hwy 2 is part of the Cascade Loop and will take you to Leavenworth and Wenatchee where you can connect to Route 97. You can also take I-90 to just outside Ellensburg, where you’ll connect to Route 97 just south of Wenatchee. Take I-5 north of Seattle to Route 20 and drive east through the mountains. You’ll go through Winthrop and Twisp and connect to Route 97 at Okanogan and Omak, WA.

From Spokane, drive west on either US Hwy 2 or I-90. US Hwy 2 will take you near the Grand Coulee Dam and connect to Route 97 at Orondo, WA. I-90 connects to Route 97 just south of Wenatchee at Ellensburg.

Average Driving Distances

From Kelowna Int’l Airport, BC to:
Banff 469 km (291 mi) Osoyoos 137 km (85 mi)
Calgary 592 km (368 mi) Penticton 81 km (50 mi)
Edmonton 883 km (549 mi) Salmon Arm 99 km (62 mi)
Jasper 595 km (370 mi) Vancouver 402 km (250 mi)
Grand Forks 209 km (130 mi) Seattle 515 km (320 mi)
Kamloops 156 km (97 mi) Spokane 375 km (233 mi)
Merritt 141 km (88 mi) Valemount 470 km (292 mi)
Oroville, WA to:
Omak 66 km (41 mi) Grand Coulee 153 km (95 mi)
Chelan 158 km (98 mi) Mount Vernon 362 km (225 mi)
Brewster 116 km (72 mi) Seattle 443 km (275 mi)
Wenatchee 219 km (136 mi) Spokane 290 km (180 mi)
Leavenworth 245 km (152 mi) Kelowna 134 km (83 mi)
Twisp 124 km (77 mi) Vancouver, BC 411 km (255 mi)
Everett 405 km (252 mi) Jasper 785 km (488 mi)