Electric Car Charging

Electric Car Charging

Get a Boost

Explore Route 97’s scenic wonders as well as its side trips, loops and byways in the comfort of your Clean Energy Vehicle (CEV). Take your time at a wine tasting or relax at a resort. Recharge your own batteries as your car is being charged. Stretch your legs and take a walk in a municipal park. Meander the groups of a university or college campus. Check out what’s happening at the electric car charging stations at convention centres, national parks, vineyards. Many of our information centres also have car charging available. There are both public and high power stations throughout Route 97 to help you get where you going.  There are even events held in BC and WA for eCar enthusiasts.

Charging Times

Plan your trip according to charging times for your CEV. Check out our Things to Do section for ways to enjoy your time while your car gets a boost.

Level 2

Most electric car charging stations on and around Route 97 have Level 2 charging plugs. These charging stations are usually 220 V. A typical CEV sedan will take 4-6 hours to charge to 100 percent capacity.

Level 3

These Level 3 car charging stations charge your car only up to 80 percent to save on wear and tear of your battery. A typical CEV sedan will about 30 minutes to go from 0 to 80 percent charge at a Level 3 charging station.

Rent a Tesla

Now you can take a Route 97 road trip in a clean energy vehicle, even if you don’t own one! Power Trips rents Tesla’s by the hour, the day, for a weekend or for a full holiday (up to 28 days). Rentals are from Vernon and Kelowna in the Okanagan Valley, BC.

Electric Car Charging Along the Route

Click on the links below to locate the most convenient EV station along your route:

Chelan, Douglas and Okanogan Counties, WA

Thompson-Okanagan Region, BC

Sun Country Highway Charging Stations, BC

PlugShare – enter a city name and go!

Electric Car Rental Directory

Central Okanagan Region